How About a Home Repair Short-Term Mission Trip?

There are a lot of homeowners who are of low income who have no means to provide for themselves enough to pay for emergency home repairs. The types of people who belong to this class are usually the widows, single mothers, the disabled, and the elderly. Since they can barely meet their daily needs, they have nothing left to spend on any kind of repairs to do on their homes. With the poor state of their homes, they are at risk of injury, homelessness due to foreclosure or condemnation. Even those responsible to provide services for this sector of society are themselves faced with similar issues with their facilities. These people may be in your community or even in your church and this can provide an opportunity for doing well to them and presenting the gospel in their time of need.

You or your friends in church may have some tools that can be useful to start a home repairs ministry team. You might be able to help this sector of your community with some minor home repairs. If you put your heads together to plan this out, it could be one great event or mission that you can put together to help the people of your community.

There is a great need for people who can serve with tools. A great majority of Americans don't have enough money to handle emergency expenses. Many of these homes need repairs which they cannot afford. And doing the repairs themselves, based on the demographics, is not even an option. If you are looking for a local short-term mission trip, one of the best ways to help your community is by a home repairs mission trip. So how does one go about looking for this opportunity? Here are some youth summer mission trip ideas.

You can contact your local or county senior services agency volunteers' coordinator to find out what needs volunteers. Or at a family or children's services department to know if there are low income families fostering children that need home repair. Gain some more ideas through This is especially needed when teens are being fostered. You can also contact agencies that help the disabled to see if they can tell you where there is a need. Check out single mothers in your church network and their extended families and neighbors whose homes need attention but they are not able to afford it

When you have gathered all your resources and know where the locations are, you can then gather your mission team and plan how to go about with your mission trips for young adults.